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Do you need a lift for your building? We provide a wide range of lift options for you. These include Home Lifts, Panoramic Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Pitless Lifts, Stair Lifts, Dumbwaiter Lifts and Platform Lifts. All these lifts offer great solutions for all of our clients specific needs for their particular project.

We value that you have a lift installed in your building, so that you can reach your floor with ease. We care about all of our client’s and would like them to reach their destination with ease. Lifts are there to save time and energy from walking a flight of stairs to higher floors. We facilitate your travel through the building with these dynamic and powerful lifts that carry a high amount of people. We take care of the servicing and maintenance of the lifts.  

D & S Lifts Maintenance Ltd is a family business and has been operating for over 20 years under the current managing director, Albert Debono and his sons. This family business’s main aim is to firstly ensure the customers’ safety.  Over the past 20 years, D & S lifts Maintenance Ltd, has reached its targets successfully and has produced efficient results leading it to expand more in its liabilities.

Our working company has very strict policies when it comes to the quality of work maintained by the staff and works hard in order to produce high levels of efficiency. Having such experienced staff, permitted our company to be always punctual and totally committed when dealing with our customers and with our lifts supplies. 

Furthermore, when it comes to after sale services, we are also well known of having reasonable negotiations and also we are open to any further ado.

Contact us and we deliver a great service. You can count on us always, since we believe strongly in creating strong customer relationships.




Making spaces more accessible is of the utmost priority and a core objective in our company, especially when it involves people who use different aids of mobility. At DS Lifts we ensure that the utmost care and dedication to the client's requirements are met at the highest standards whilst providing an excellent after sales service.




At DS lifts we also provide lift mechanisms that can reach up to a height up to 21 stories. That is the reason why these types of lifts are called high rise. 


If you're looking for the ideal solution for your new home or a perhaps a new block of apartments, then DS Lifts has the solution for you. We offer various types of lifts to meet the requirements of the client. We offer a wide range of designs to suit your tastes and within your budget.


These types of lifts offer a compact solution to individuals or organisations who need a lift installation in a constrained space where there is limited space. 


At DS Lifts we offer high quality commercial lifts that withstand a lot of stress. These types of lifts will endure a lot of weight and thus went through rigorous testing by our suppliers. These lifts work through the use of a liquid being forced through the exertion of the pressure on the piston.


Pitless lifts are usually used for buildings which do not have many stories of height, typically around 6. The main advantage of a pitless lift is that the use of space above the pit shaft is not required. 

Traditional traction lifts

Traction lifts are the first type of lifts to start being produced. However, that being said they are still considered as one of the most versatile lifts available. The mechanism is very simple and works thanks to a counterweight acting against the lift car, thus lifting it up when the counterweight goes down and vice-versa.

Dumb waiter lifts

Although the terminology used to describe this type of lift leaves much to be desired, it is a time-saver for the hospitality and culinary sector. At DS lifts we use Daldoss microlifts for these types of installations. We strive to offer space-saving avantgarde technology to make sure we provide a micro-lift that will withstand the test of stress and time.


Do you need maintenance for your lift? We repair and maintain all the lifts that we provide to all of our clients. We provide excellent servicing to get your lift running as per usual. We want you to travel with ease throughout your building and allow your people or clients to do so as well.




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